2018 Poster Sessions

Sponsored by: Indiana University Health, IU School of Medicine
Presented by:
Anna Thomas, MD                                 Cherlynn Bennett, RN
Katherine Malloy, PharmD                  Abhay Singhal, MD
Brianne Kost, RN                                     Melissa Kunkel, MD
Susan Gunn, RN                                       Dianne Herron, RN
Patrick Clements, MD                           Rebecca Rose, MD
Jane Forni, RN                                          Jayme Allen, MD
Emily Scott, MD                                       Izlin Lien, MD
Melissa Klitzman, MD                           Frances Boyle, MS
Sandra Hoesli, MD                                  John Manaloor, MD
Thomas Kundenreich, MD                   Michelle Kussin, PharmD
William Engle, MD

 2.   Study of safe infant sleep practices promoted through images found on children’s hospital websites
Sponsored by: IU School of Medicine
Presented by: 
Emily Kleiman, BA (A); Kara Casavan, BS (A); James Bien, MD (B); Steve McKee, BS (A), Nancy Swigonski, MD, MPH, MBA, FAAP (A, C)
A: Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics
B: Indiana University Health Arnett
C: Fairbanks School of Public Health

3. MOMS Helpline: a Baby’s Lifeline
Sponsored by: MCH, IDSH
Presented by:
Diana Feliciano 
Yordanos F. Gebru
Charnel Forbes 

4. Transcutaneous Oxygen Saturations in Former Preterm Infants Breathing in Room Air at Discharge from the NICU
Sponsored by: Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, St. Vincent/Ascension
Presented by:
Subhashree Mallika Krishnan, DO
Zenaida Tauscher, MD
Taha Ben Saad, MD
Rachel Gahagen, DO
Markus Tauscher, MD
SMK and RG are pediatric residents at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent. ZT, TBS and MT are neonatologists in the Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent."

5. A population health strategy to address breastfeeding outcomes
Sponsored by: Community Health Network
Presented by:
Christina Graham, BA, RN, MSN, CNM
Katherine Bosma, BSN, RN

6. A Southwestern Indiana Initiative to Develop a Regional Breastfeeding Coalition: We’re Getting Back Together!
Sponsored by: Vanderburgh County Health Department , Southwest Indiana Breastfeeding Coalition
Presented by:
Nancy Harness, BSN CLC
Peggy Howard, RN, IBCLC
Laura Lousignont CLC

7. Addressing Institutionalized Racism as a Risk Factor for Infant Mortality in Vanderburgh County
Sponsored by: Vanderburgh County Health Department
Presented by:
Mikelle Rabuck
Lynn Herr, BSN RN CPN
Rashawnda Bonds, CAPE

8. A Descriptive Statistics and Risk Factors of Unintentional Drowning Deaths in the State of Indiana
Sponsored by: Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Indiana State Department of Health, Indiana Department of Child Services, IDHS
Presented by:
Kelly Cunningham

9. Hoosier Babies Can Sleep Safe: Improving Safe Sleep Counseling Through a Quality Improvement Learning Collaborative
Sponsored by: IU School of Medicine
Presented by:
Emily Scott, MD
Fatima Jafri, MD
James Bien, MD
Steven Downs, MD
Michele Saysana, MD

10. Reducing Unnecessary Antibiotic Exposure in Early Onset Sepsis: Experience with Utilization of the Early Onset Sepsis Risk Calculator and Antibiotic Expirationist
Sponsored by: St. Vincent/Ascension
Presented by:
Ekanem Akinola, MD
Jamalyn Casey, PharmD, BCPPS

11. Disparities Related to Inappropriate Use of Child Safety Seats
Sponsored by: Vanderbugh County Health Department, Pre to 3
Presented by:
Shamirah Wills
Adrienne Bond

12. Marion County WIC Father Engagement Program
Sponsored by: WIC
Presented by:
Randolf Weather, Jr.
Nathan Bailey
Sarah Defelice
Yvonne Beasley

13. Lowering Low Birth Weight Rates in Vanderburgh County: One Baby at a Time
Sponsored by: Vanderburgh County Health Department
Presented by:
Mary Jo Borowiecki, BS
Jennifer Healy, BS
Carri Vanwinkle, BS

14. Putting the H IN the ABCs of Infant Safe Sleep
Sponsored by Indiana Patient Safety Center of the Indiana Hospital Association
Presented by:
Annette Handy, RN
Shelby Hornback, BS
Matt Relano, MHA

15. Diabetes in Pregnancy: The Other Silent Killer
Sponsored by: Marion County Public Health Department
Presented by:
Teri Conrad, MS, BSN, RN

16. Data Infrastructure for Public Health Insights and Decision-Making
Sponsored by: Vanderburgh County Health Department
Presented by:
Charissa Schuetz, MHA
Mark Healy

17. How to Address Unsafe Sleep Practices Preventing Infants from Reaching their First Birthday
Sponsored by: Vanderburgh County Health Department
Presented by:
Jennifer Healy
Mychelle Christian

18. Development of the Pre to 3 Program: Infrastructure Analysis of Pre-Existing Home Visitation Programs
Sponsored by: Vanderburgh County Health Department, Pre to 3, Indiana University Health
Presented by:
Sophie French, BSN, RN
Dr. R. Kenneth Spear, MD
Sofia Dueno
Cynthia Francis

19. Placental Transfusion During Newborn Resuscitation: A Quality Improvement Initiative by the Indiana Vermont Oxford Network Quality Collaborative
Sponsored by: Indiana Vermont Oxford Quality Collaborative
Presented by:
Izlin Lien, MD
Alana Barbato, MD
Aaron Pitzele, MD
Sarai Waheed, MD
Sandra Hoesli, MD
Ronette Chua, MD
Basharat Buchh, MD
Mashelle Monhaut, RN
Melissa Kunkel, MD
Jeffrey Joyce, RT
Jennifer Stanton, MPH
Brian Benneyworth, MD, MS
William Engle, MD

20. Improving Mother-Baby Bonding with a Neonatal Sepsis Calculator
Sponsored by: IU West Hospital
Presented by:
Patrick Clements, MD
Amanda Gripe, MD

21. The Marion County WIC Mobile Unit: Engaging the Community
Sponsored by: WIC
Presented by:
Frances Evans
Sarah Defelice
Yvonne Beasley